Add Some Magic to Your Brush Collection feat Lauren DellaFera

Pretty as a pixie! Lauren DellaFera is back with us for another glamorous makeup tutorial. Here she uses the MŌDA® Mythical Perfecting Pixie Kit and it truly is one of the most magical makeup brush sets.

The beginning of summer is the perfect time to add a little flair to your brush collection and a pop to your everyday makeup. Beauty guru Lauren DellaFera (@littleblushingbirdie) gives you all the tips and tricks for our stunning MODA® Mythical Perfecting Pixie Kit, available now at Walmart! “If you are a girly girl like me, I think you will definitely appreciate this set. The handles on these brushes are so beautiful! This is a kit for face and eyes – you get 4 different brushes and a really cute holographic makeup bag. I think these are really nice supplemental brushes you can add to your collection!”

“When I first got this brush, I don’t think I really knew exactly what to use it for. You can definitely use it to buff color into your crease, but what I learned is that it is amazing for blending out concealer, especially around your brow and under eye area. This brush has a really unique cut to it – it’s angled but also has a flat surface, kind of like a mini foundation brush.”

“The Highlight brush in this set is very, very soft and not super dense, which makes it really nice for setting your under eyes as well as applying highlighter. This is definitely going to give you a softer, more diffused highlight – it gives me a lit-from-within glow.”

“This set has a big fluffy powder brush that is perfect for all-over setting with powder.”

“These kinds of pencil-style brushes can be used in a number of different ways – you can use them to highlight the inner corner of your eye, smudge color on the lower lash line, or do detail work in the crease.”