All Things Holiday MŌDA® Gift Guide with Beauty Bunny

Cozy up with our holiday must-haves! Our holiday gift guide has something for everyone, including you! Beauty Bunny has checked out all of our unique brush styles and sets and she has confirmed that there are options for any and all makeup enthusiasts.

Get your wrapping paper ready! We have a MŌDA® gift guide that even Santa can’t resist. Whether you were naughty or nice, there is a perfect gift waiting for you. Choose your favorites from our wide variety of brushes - from classic to colorful and everywhere in between!

Make sure to check everyone off your list, because when you spend $30 or more you receive free US shipping!

Metallics Full Face Glam Kits

"If you have somebody in your life who loves glam, definitely check out the metallics collection. MŌDA® already knew that you want to display these, so what they did was make the actual canister into all things glam. The canister itself is beautifully embellished with wrap around crystals all the way around. So beautiful you guys!"

Metallics Deluxe Gift Kit

"Everything you need to create a whole face is in this deluxe kit from the metallic collection.” Also available in Prismatic!"

Mythical Collection

"For the glam girl in your life, you definitely want to go ahead towards the MŌDA® mythical collection. If you’re into fairytales and unicorns and you need your makeup brushes to execute that, then this one is definitely for you."

4-piece Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit

"The colors on here are a multi-dimensional, prismatic type of vibe."

Mini Kits

"These are tiny, however, they’re mighty. The body of them is small but the actual head is full-sized. So you’re looking at a full-sized ferrule and brush, but just the handle portion is the small part. This portion also has a little bit of cushioning to it so it’s not hard, great for travel, perfectly thrown into your purse, bag, or suitcase."

Totally Electric Full Face Kit

"If you love doing your makeup with colorful brushes, or you have a friend that loves using color in makeup and wants her brushes to be colorful as well, go and get this kit! You have your face brushes and also have your eye brushes. You have absolutely everything you need to go ahead and do your makeup, feeling your best self using this kit."

Train Case

"A must-have especially if you have a growing collection of MŌDA® brushes, you are definitely going to need a carrying case."

Heart Scrubby

"You need your makeup brushes to be clean, so I think this will be a great gift as well. This is cute, you can stick it at the bottom of your sink or wherever you wash your brushes."