BMX 465: Get Perfectly Precise

The MODA® BMX-465 Precision Angle Brush is the best of both worlds for shading and blending stunning eye looks. This precise brush can help achieve perfectly smoky eyes and shadowy looks.

The BMX-465 Precision Angle brush is the perfect marriage of a shader and a crease brush – the dense hair is great for applying product, while the angled shape flares out to blend with precision. This multifunctional brush gives you the ability to easily go from applying to blending without stopping and will help you achieve a flawless look, no matter how you choose to use it!

Set Concealer

One unexpectedly great use for the BMX-465 is to set your under-eye concealer. Due to its small size, the Precision Angle brush can gently deposit loose powder to the delicate under-eye area without disturbing the concealer underneath and won’t apply too much powder, which can cause creasing. Let powder “bake” for a few minutes, then dust off excess with a fluffy brush.

Apply Shadow

Eyeshadow has never been quite so easy – just dip the brush into shadow and sweep across the lid! Due to the dense fibers, this brush can also be used for cream shadow, just pat the cream on instead of sweeping.

Precision Blending

To finish off an eye look, blend shadows into the crease and around the outer corner of the eye, using the tip of the brush in especially delicate areas. It’s also the perfect size to blend contour down the nose and in detail areas around the forehead and chin. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this little brush – you might discover a new use you never thought of!