Get Wrapped Up This Fall

Fall in love with the MŌDA® Pro 13PC Wrap Kit. Watch as Lauren DellaFera gives us a tutorial on how she gets her full-face makeup look on for an autumn day. With each unique brush in this professional and sleek kit, her beauty routine is flawless!

MŌDA® Maven Lauren DellaFera (@littleblushingbirdie) shares one of our favorite kits – the MŌDA® Pro 13PC Wrap Kit – and goes over every brush inside, giving a little tutorial along the way so you can recreate her fabulous fall look! “This is a specially-curated kit from MŌDA®’s Pro line and it has everything you need to create a full-face makeup look. The Pro line was designed specifically with makeup artists in mind. The aesthetic is a little more professional and sleek. But, obviously, anyone can use these brushes!”