BMD-520: Give Your Lashes Some Love

Lashes that are long and voluminous are the key to any glam look. Make your lashes really stand out when you use the MODA® Falsie Fan brush to apply your mascara or blend in your natural and falsie lashes.

For most of us, our quick, everyday makeup includes a few swipes of mascara before running out the door. But when we want to slow down and really take our time with makeup, whether it's for a night out or a self -care day, we should find a better way to care for our lashes. The MŌDA® Falsie Fan is the perfect alternative to your everyday mascara wand and can create those full, voluminous lashes you long for! Follow the easy steps below to apply mascara using the BMD-520

Step One

If your lashes don’t curl naturally, use an eyelash curler to help them point upwards at the ends.

Step Two

Load the teal tips of the brush with mascara, being careful to apply evenly. Try to use a mascara with a thinner or wetter formula to avoid clumps. If you applied a bit too much, wipe the brush softly over a tissue to get rid of any excess.

Step Three

Starting at the root of the upper lashes, slowly and gently pull the brush upwards, wiggling the tips if you need to deposit more product. Repeat this process a few times to really lacquer the lashes.

Step Four

For the bottom lashes, use the same technique but pull downwards. You may need to use a more delicate hand for the sparse lower lashes.

Step Five

While you’re waiting for your mascara to dry, clean the brush so no mascara dries into the bristles. There’s nothing worse than a clumpy and dirty brush!

Watch the video below to see how Nikki French uses the MŌDA® Falsie fan to blend false lashes like an expert!