Lauren DellaFera Shares a Multitasking Miracle Kit

Being on the go doesn’t have to put a pause on your makeup routine! Create flawless, full-faced looks everywhere and anywhere with the MŌDA® Metallics 7PC Total Face Kit. Watch as Lauren DellaFera demonstrates how this travel set still creates the same breathtaking looks as a full-size...

Whether you need a makeup kit that can be packed in a flash or want to expand your brush collection without taking up too much vanity space, the MŌDA® Metallics 7PC Total Face Flip Kit definitely packs a punch in small package! Lauren DellaFera (@littleblushingbirdie) gives you all the details so you can get the most out of your new favorite kit. “This travel-friendly kit contains 6 mini makeup brushes and has everything you need to do a full face of makeup as well as cute little case to store them. And this case also doubles as an easel so while you’re getting ready you can prop your brushes up on your vanity, making them really easy to reach for.”

“This is a flat, paddle-style foundation brush, so the way you’re going to use this is a little bit different than the way you would use a flat-top buffing brush. I use swiping motions starting in the center of my face. I think it works best with liquid foundation. You can also use it to pat on concealer.”

“This can actually be used for a lot of different things! You can use it with your setting powder all over your face, it’s not too large. You can also use this to apply your bronzer or your blush. If you are using this brush with multiple products, it’s important that you take a tissue or washcloth and remove the excess product before you go in with something else.”

“You can use this as a crease brush. You can also use it to build up color in the outer corner of your eye or smudge color on the lower lash line. I like that it offers more of a precise shape, so as you’re blending towards the inner corner you have a little more control.”

“This can also be used for a number of things. You can use this to smoke out your eyeliner for a traditional smoky eye, apply darker shadows to the outer corner of your eye, buff color on your lower lash line, and you can use it for an inner corner highlight.”

“You can use this with a brow pomade or a brow powder to fill in your eyebrows or you can use it for gel or powder eyeliner. You can create a wing or even smudge liner to make it smokier along your lash line. It’s a nice standard size angled brush that’s not too big and not too small.”