MŌDA® Brush 101: 6PC Crackle Kits Breakdown featuring Lauren DellaFera

Crack open your makeup collection and make some room for this stunning new addition. Follow along as Lauren DellaFera demonstrates the versatility of the stunning MŌDA® Metallics 6PC Crackle Kits. Coming in both rose gold and emerald, these elegant brushes are a must-have.

Get the scoop from Maven Lauren DellaFerra on our latest addition – the MŌDA® Metallics 6PC Crackle Kits! In this video, Lauren breaks down the included brushes and shows you some tips and tricks to get the most out of your kit. “I think this is a great little kit MŌDA® has curated and put together. Not only is it really, really beautiful, but all 5 of these brushes are very handy, whether you’re doing glam makeup or something more everyday appropriate,” says Lauren.

“This is a 6-piece kit so you get 5 brushes for face and eyes, as well as a cute little makeup bag you can use to store them in! They wash really well, they last a long time, they don’t shed, and they’re super affordable.”

“First, we have the Multi-Purpose Powder brush, which is truly is a little multitasker. It’s not too large or too small. The bristles aren’t too densely packed so it’s going to give you a nice, soft blend.”

“Then there is the contour brush, which is one of my favorite brushes that MODA makes! It’s a nice, small size so it’s perfect for buffing out contour or bronzing powder in the hollows of your cheeks or around the perimeter of your face.”

“This brush is great for packing shadow all over the lid!”

“The Smokey Eye is great for applying shadow to the outer corner of the eye to add a little bit of drama. I also found this to be super helpful for buffing color onto the lower lash line.”

“This is an itty-bitty, teeny-tiny angled liner brush. You can use this with a gel pot liner or with black eyeshadow for a softer application.”