Smart Brush Shapes

Work smarter, not harder. Our MODA® brushes are catered for you! Follow our guide and explore the brushes that were designed for a specific makeup goal in mind. Achieve easy application and gorgeous results when you pick up a brush that was made to innovate!


We’ve all heard the saying “work smarter, not harder.” Everyone deserves simplicity in life, and makeup brushes should be no exception! Apply this mantra for an efficient beauty routine by following our guide below, which includes some of our most innovative shapes.

Double Duty

Quick Contour

Create more dimension for your complexion with this ingenious style. Load one of the divided sides (separated by a groove in the center of the brush head) with a bronzing shade and the other side with a highlighting shade. Glide the bristles along the cheekbones, jawline, and hairline to contour and highlight at the same time!

Absolutely Allure-ing

Metallics Triad Eye - Coming August 15

This specially-designed brush features a sharp angle to create intricate details on the lid, crease, brow bone, and inner and outer corners. It’s great for dabbling with trendy looks such as a cut crease or halo eye! FYI - this brush came into existence after Allure editor Devon Abelman filled us in that she loves using our BMD-211 Triad Concealer brush to apply her eyeshadow!

Brilliant Blending

Metallics Eye Contour - Coming August 15

Large, fluffy, and ready to change your crease action! The NEW Metallics Eye Contour brush will subtly define the crease by gently blending product. The M30 can also double as a delicate highlighter brush.

Twice as Nice

Prismatic Precision Powder Duo

Get perfectly powdered with results (and no dreaded flashback) using this unique set, which includes two oval-style brushes with densely packed, synthetic fibers and a dramatic, angled edge that has never been seen before in this style! The "tipped back" neck is sturdy and rigid to help apply makeup with precision. This duo is great for baking to ensure makeup stays put all day long.

Packs a Punch

Micro Glow

A traditional fan brush with a twist, the Micro Glow brush features tiny, fanned-out bristles to pack on a gorgeous glow with liquid, cream, or powder product. Don't be fooled by its size, the Micro Glow delivers an intense highlight due to its small, dense bristles that put product exactly where you want it.

A New Angle

Moda Pro Chisel

Featuring a short, flat brush head with a precisely curved edge, this brush creates a chiseled contour or killer highlight. The dense bristles work well with liquid, cream, or powder and can both apply and blend product - achieve exactly the look you want from bold to blended.