Freshen Up Your Brush Kit

Add some color to your collection! Spice up your makeup station with our many fun and vibrant, lively MODA® Prismatic brushes. This unique style of brush is satisfying to look at and to use when applying all kinds of makeup looks.


Is your makeup kit looking a little “blah?” One of the best ways to bring back some excitement is a new brush set! Our Prismatic line has a beautiful and bold look, sure to brighten any vanity. We’ve highlighted our favorite oval-style brushes below so you can shake up your makeup game.

MŌDA® Prismatic Face Perfecting Foundation Brush


Shake up your foundation routine with an oval foundation brush like the P801. Start by dotting cream or liquid foundation over your face, then blend in small circles. The soft, dense bristles will deposit product evenly and smoothly, ensuring a perfectly poreless look!

MŌDA® Prismatic Face Perfecting Contour Brush


The P802 is great for both blush and bronzer. The packed bristles make it great for cream products that require extra blending. Swipe bronzer where you want extra glow, like the edges of the face. For blush, gently blend in circles back from the apples of the cheeks.

MŌDA® Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit


Design the perfect silhouette using bronzing shades to enhance facial features. This small, dense brush works well with liquid, powder, cream, and gel formulas to create an expertly blended contour. Apply product to the sides of the forehead, hollows of the cheeks, and sides of the nose, then blend into foundation.

MŌDA® Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit


It's all in the details when it comes to completing a look. Use this small but mighty brush to cover blemishes, smooth the appearance of the under eye area, contour the nose, highlight smaller areas of the face, and even apply lipstick. The possibilities are endless!

MŌDA® Prismatic Large Precision Powder Brush


Lock everything in place with the P805. The dramatic, angled edge creates perfect coverage from every corner of the face. Lightly pat translucent powder over product to flawlessly set. For added warmth, drape a bronzing shade around the outer perimeters of the face.

MŌDA® Prismatic Small Precision Powder Brush


Baking the skin is made simple with the P806. To tackle this technique like a pro, apply a generous amount of powder to a concentrated area of the face, such as the forehead or chin, and allow your skin’s natural temperature to heat up product beneath the powder for approximately 15 minutes - it will be immaculate and secure.