The Perfect Brush Set

The perfect brush set does exist, and it was made for you! At MODA® we have so many different brushes and kits catered to different skill levels and unique makeup techniques. Find your perfect match today with the help of our guide of best-loved, popular sets.


Finding the perfect set of brushes is like finding jeans that fit just right - when you find it, you never let it go. Use this guide of popular MŌDA® sets to see what’s the perfect fit for you!

About Face

Total Face Flip Kit
Original, Prismatic, Metallics

From face and eyes to brows and lips, this set is the go-to! These travel-friendly brushes will get you through all your glam looks anywhere you travel. Includes Powder, Foundation, Angle Shader, Smoky Eye, Brow/Liner, Pointed Lip, and Flip Kit case for storage. Find this set in 10 style options for $19.99.

Eye Allure

Beautiful Eyes Flip Kit
Original, Prismatic

Create stunning eye looks with these travel-sized brushes. Coming in a rainbow of colors, this dynamic set will take you from day to night! Includes Angle Shader, Crease/Smudger, Eye Shader, Smoky Eye, Brow/Liner, Lash/Comb, and Flip Kit case for storage. Find this set in 7 style options for $19.99.

Complexion Perfection

Face Perfecting Kit
Prismatic, Metallics, Rose, Pro

Blend your complexion to a flawless finish using this MŌDA® staple. These oval-style brushes have dense, ultra-soft bristles designed to deliver airbrushed results, while the flexible necks easily adapt to the natural contours of the face for precise blending. Includes Foundation, Complexion, Contour, and Concealer brushes. Find this set in 4 style options for $24.99.

Complete Package

Complete Kit
Original, Metallics

Achieve a tied-together look with these four brushes designed to complete your glam. Perfect for a simple everyday look or to round out your collection. Includes Multi-purpose Powder, Angle Foundation, Domed Shadow, Angle Eyeliner, and a Zip pouch for storage. Find this set in 2 style options for $15.99 - $19.99.Complete Kits are also available for Rose and Pro, featuring different brush shapes.

Bold Bunch

Bold Eye Kit
Original, Metallics

Make your eyes pop using this set that has everything you need for a high-impact look. Featuring some of our popular shapes, you can try out all the trendy looks. Includes Eye Shader, Super Crease, Pointed Liner, Brow, and a zip pouch for storage. Find this set in 2 style options for $9.99 - $14.99.Bold Eye Kits are also available for Prismatic and Pro, featuring different brush shapes.