Bria Edwards

Bria's Bio

Hi beauties! My name is Bria also known as @thebriabeauty on Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube. I am a Tulsa, Oklahoma based makeup artist/content creator. I’m a mommy of two and a songwriter/singer in a cover band. Whenever it’s nap time for the kids and I’m not gigging, I love creating eye art, avant-garde style makeup looks. I started experimenting with makeup in grade school when I would wear silver metallic eyeshadow up to my eyebrows. Looking back, I kind of wonder what my teachers thought, but I’ve always been the type of person to express myself through my appearance.

I hope you’ll come and join the little online family that we’ve built and we can enjoy all things makeup together. Remember to always be unapologetically you and live life in full color! I love all my MŌDA® Brushes but my absolute favorite set is the 12pc Bold Artistry Kit. I do a lot of small details in a lot of my looks and this kit works perfectly for that.