Christine Nese

Christine's Bio

Hey Beauties! My name is Christine Nese, I am a professional makeup artist and esthetician from New Jersey. I am obsessed with all things beauty and have been fascinated with makeup since I could look up at my mom putting on her lipstick. I love learning new techniques and traveling to new places especially for makeup jobs. I do all kinds of makeup applications, from beauty makeup to fashion and theater, and even special effects!

MŌDA® has been my go-to for brushes since I first started out! My favorite set is the MŌDA® Pro Pink Complete Wrap Kit! It has everything I need from full face to detailing brushes. And the wrap is perfect for when you’re on the go - you can just throw them in your bag! From doing makeup on myself to clients, working on set or backstage or at a vanity, across all the facets of the industry I work in, I have NEVER been let down. MŌDA® has the best brushes around for any kind of artist - beginner to advanced.