Estela's Bio

Hi beauties, my name is Estela! I am known as Estelita’s Beauty on Instagram. I am so honored and grateful to be a featured MODA Maven! I am passionate about everything beauty-related! I’ve always been an artistic person and l love wearing makeup. When I discovered Instagram, makeup became my art. I enjoy creating both bold and soft makeup looks and sharing fun and informative content. My overall goal is to inspire my community by promoting self-expression and diversity. Remember to always be kind!

The MŌDA® Totally Electric Neon Pink Full Face Kit for my favorite brush set since it first launched years ago. I was strolling through Walmart and the bright colors caught my eye. Just looking at them, they screamed quality at an affordable price, they prove to be just that. I still have them now, in great working condition. I love how they can blend, and pack in the colors. Not only that, but I use them with my glam and creative looks, I love the versatility of this set.