Soph's Bio

Hi everyone! My name is Soph, @GlowbySoph on Instagram, and I am so excited to be MŌDA®’s September Maven! I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and I have been creating beauty and skincare content since 2016. I am extremely passionate about spreading the message of acne positivity and embracing your skin, which is why in most videos I let my natural skin show! I am a self-taught makeup enthusiast. I love to create beauty tutorials with lots of sunshine and colorful looks that make me feel like a whimsical fairy! My favorite things to do are expanding my skills and creativity with my looks, as well as trying new coffee shops around the city! 

The MŌDA® Purple Smoke Show Bundle is my absolute favorite brush set! Not only are the brushes the prettiest shades of pink and purple, but their quality is next level! I love that the bundle includes many eye brushes, and they are the perfect combination of fluffy and dense which makes blending and packing eyeshadow a breeze! The face brushes are not only excellent for cream blush and bronzer, but they are also perfect for applying the right amount of powders. If you are just beginning your makeup journey, or are simply looking for a new set to add to your collection, this bundle has everything you could dream of!