Lila @50isthenewfword

Lila's Bio

Hi everyone, My name is Lila and I am 52 years old. I am also known as @lila50isthenewfword on Tik Tok, and @50isthenewfword on Instagram, and YouTube. I am a skincare fanatic, beauty content creator, and certified skincare coach. Growing up as the youngest of 5 girls in a Korean household, you pick up on a few things when it comes to skincare. I enjoyed watching the different rituals my mother and sisters would use. I was in awe of the variations, the differences in each routine, and how they influenced their skin. Although all of them are beautiful, my mother’s skin always seemed to glow. She would wash her face and apply these beautiful, bottled serums and lotions to her skin every day without fail. My love of skincare was ignited, and I have been addicted ever since. I feel very honored to be MŌDA® Maven for the month of February. With the right tools we can all look and feel our very best at any age.

My favorite MŌDA® brush set has to be the Pro White Complete Wrap Kit. I love it because it contains everything you need for a flawless look, and I just adore the beautiful, white handles. Being 52 years old, I enjoy following the new trends but sometimes have a hard time knowing how to create these lavish looks. MŌDA® brushes make it easy because they always come with a description of each brush and what to use them for on the back of their packaging. This is such a life saver for someone like me who is not a makeup artist. This kit is perfect, not only perfect for the beginner, but also for the advanced makeup enthusiast.