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Lnegz's Bio

Hey, what’s good? I go by the name Lnegz on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube. I'm a beauty lover, content creator and healthcare worker. I am a proud gay, Puerto Rican man, born and raised on the Jersey shore. It took me a long time to find myself and get to a good place. I went through dark childhood trauma, even drug addiction, to one day find light within the beauty community. While working on myself, I fell in love with makeup and beauty content creators. I kept looking for someone that resembled me and represented my type of beauty, but never found it. I decided to record my beauty journey and give representation for makeup lovers like myself. That’s when Lnegz was born!

The MŌDA® Pro Wedge Duo is my favorite brush kit. The brushes feel super luxurious but are priced affordably. They’re super soft, but dense. I’m a man that loves complexion products. This duo is so versatile. I can use it for skincare, foundation, concealer, cream bronzer, blush, highlighter and more. I’m obsessed!