Margaret Olaniyi

Margaret's Bio

Hi! Margaret Olaniyi is my name. I am a beauty blogger from Nigeria. On Instagram and YouTube I'm known as @Olanspearl and on Tiktok I'm known as @Olans.pearl. My interest in makeup began when I enrolled in university for my bachelor's degree. I had recently made a new friend who was incredibly talented at makeup and she inspired me to pursue my passion. I began to learn and spent all of my free time practicing whenever I could. I've gotten quite excellent at what I do and I am continuously learning.

On my social media pages I currently share my journey, makeup tutorials, skincare videos, transition videos and my favorite products. I do my makeup with confidence and hope to build a community of people who are confident in their abilities and express their beauty effortlessly. I enjoy making videos that showcase my personality while also highlighting products I enjoy. Makeup and skincare truly makes me happy!

The MŌDA® 13pc Purple Complete Wrap Kit is my very favorite MŌDA® Brush kit. I love how you can complete an entire full face look with it. Fortunately, MŌDA® brushes always come with descriptions on the handles of what each brush is used for, so both beginners and professionals benefit. The wrap is essential for storing my brushes and keeping them organized.