Nikki's Bio

Hi! My name is Nikki or @Nikkii_makeup on Instagram and TikTok. I'm a self-taught makeup artist, content creator and stay-at-home mom of four. I created my account in 2018 for fun because I’ve always had a passion for photography and makeup. After watching other creators paint amazing artwork on their faces/bodies, I started creating my own makeup looks. I’ve continued creating ever since!

I’ve discovered and interacted with so many amazing brands and fellow creators. I absolutely love the beauty community and the makeup friends I have on Instagram and TikTok. I enjoy all kinds of makeup styles including sfx, colorful, creative, glam & character cosplay. I love the process of creating different looks and making videos to make my viewers smile and laugh.

When I was asked to be the featured Maven, it was a dream come true! I’ve been using MŌDA® brushes during this entire journey and I have always loved their brushes.

My favorite MŌDA® brush set is the 14-piece Ultimate Originals Brush Kit. I love that this brush kit is so versatile in creating many different looks. I am able to use the brushes for face/body painting one day and for full glam the next. It includes all the necessities for a complete makeup look!