Yuki's Bio

Yuki is a passionate beauty and lifestyle influencer on a mission to help others find their voices and be their most authentic selves. She is intentional about spreading tips to help cultivate habits for inner and outer beauty, ultimately helping others navigate their paths to living their most authentic lives. When Yuki is not spending time enjoying music, playing in makeup, dancing, or joking with loved ones, she can often be found sifting through endless photos and information on beauty, makeup, decor, or new tech gadgets!

“I love the MODA Metallics 6PC Full Face Kit because it screams glamour and luxury, without the burden of breaking the bank! This kit gives me the ability to repurpose each brush for multiple uses throughout the makeup application process - from blending to concealing, eyeshadow detail to blush, and even contouring. It also helps that the kit comes in one of my favorite colors - gold!”