Leah's Bio

“Hello, my name is Leah, also known as Leah Janae on Youtube & Instagram. I'm a small-town Iowa girl that is beauty obsessed! I actually started getting into makeup in 2011, which is also when I started my channel. I would spend so much of my evenings binge-watching videos from Blair Fowler or Kandee Johnson and decided I wanted to make my own. It was definitely scary for the first few years as I am very shy and I almost felt embarrassed if people found out about my channel. Well, flash forward to now and it's the best thing to ever happen to me! It's still crazy to me that I can sit and talk about all of my favorite things and people are actually interested in what I have to say. I am officially doing Youtube as my full-time job, which has been a dream of mine for years! It feels so great to see all the hard work I put into my channel actually pay off. This year I have been focusing a lot on the best beauty deals and I film New Makeup at TJ Maxx videos every single week going over the best buys. That is why I am so excited to partner with MŌDA® and be their Maven of the Month! They make amazing quality brushes with such fun designs at an affordable cost!“

“For my favorite MŌDA® kit, I just had to choose the Posh Pastel Delicate Eye Kit! This kit has every brush you could ever need to create the perfect eye look. Plus, pastel colors + floral print = the cutest brushes I’ve ever seen! It's so much more exciting when you have fun, colorful brushes to use to do your makeup.”