Jamie Quezada

Jamie's Bio

"My name is Jamie Quezada and I am Filipina. I am a content creator residing in the Bay Area. I love reviewing all kinds of beauty products and creating beautiful looks. I love spreading positivity with all my content and showing the beauty of makeup. I am also passionate about Video and Photo Editing. I started this beauty journey when I was young in the Philippines. I would watch all my favorite beauty vloggers that inspired me to become a content creator. I love sharing all the techniques and beauty hacks with everyone. I feel blessed to be able to collaborate with MŌDA®. It was a dream come true!"

"MŌDA® brushes are all my favorites, but if I had to choose one, it would be the MŌDA® Pro 13pc Full Face Wrap Kit. These brushes are really beautiful and a work of art. They are crazy affordable and a wonderful kit that everyone should own. It’s a great kit for any beginner because it comes with everything you need. The brushes have so many uses that I only need to carry this kit around - not my whole collection. Also I’ve had my MŌDA® brushes for the longest time. They still look beautiful with all the washes I’ve done."