Julia Adams

Julia's Bio

My name is Julia Adams, I create beauty content on YouTube and Instagram and you can find me at @juliaadamsmua. Looking back on my life, there was always a fascination and love for makeup, but I never realized how I could transform this passion into a career. I thought I was supposed to be an artist but when I went to university for Fine Arts, I immediately knew I wasn't on the right path and I dropped out in the first semester. I felt very lost and depressed. Makeup became my outlet, making me feel better everyday. With encouragement from my mom, I decided to pursue makeup professionally and moved to Vancouver to attend Blanche Macdonald, the #1 makeup school in Canada. Throughout that year in Vancouver it became very clear to me that I was finally on the right path. My social platforms were growing and so was my confidence. Three years later, I still wake up so excited to get to work and pinch myself most days. I’m so grateful for this industry. I am most grateful for my audience who inspire, encourage, and support me everyday.

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