Meghan Victoria

Meghan's Bio

As a seasoned Toronto, Canada-based professional makeup artist, content creator, and an ever-evolving spiritual woman, Meghan sets the standard when it comes to providing content with both high entertainment and educational value. Her content highlights not only her warm energy and charisma, but also her professional insight into mastering the latest beauty products and techniques. Meghan focuses on removing the exclusivity and intimidation of the beauty industry to make it accessible for the everyday makeup lover. Meghan believes that through the practice of self love, the art of makeup play, and the exploration into the world of beauty and one's self, she can help her followers discover and embrace their own individual femininity. She educates her viewers in the tools and techniques needed to curate and cultivate their own self image, in turn empowering them to develop a more loving, authentic, and respectful relationship with themselves.

“My favourite MŌDA® kit would have to be the ever-so-sleek MŌDA® Pro 25pc Full Face Wrap Kit. I love that this set is not only visually sleek and minimal, but also incredibly comfortable to hold and control in the hand, ultra-soft, and offers very high performance. Anyone who watches my videos knows just how many brushes I can go through in one look, so this full set is perfect for the makeup lover or makeup artist who wants to check all the boxes and step up his or her makeup game!”