Alex Missick

Alex's Bio

Alex Missick (MissBeautyBunny) is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who is passionate about showing others how to make things work for them. The 32-year-old is a writer by profession, but she also enjoys creating tutorials that help her audience make practical, informed decisions about their beauty needs. Since starting her YouTube channel in 2010, her goal and mission has been to be a source of inspiration and confidence to others, reinforcing the belief that feeling and looking beautiful is a reality – every day!

“My favorite kit is the MŌDA® Pro 13pc Full Face kit. The MŌDA® Pro line has an exceptional selection of brushes that are not just incredibly soft, but the handles are also super comfortable! We all deserve a luxury experience during makeup application and I think this kit delivers just the right balance of tools that work professionally but comfortably!”

How did you get started doing makeup?
“It started after my first college degree. As a working Journalist at the time, I was still self-conscious about my acne scars and wanted to find ways to cover them up. I wanted my interviewees to focus on my questions and not my scars. That’s when I first started experimenting with complexion products.”
What are your favorite types of videos to film?
“I enjoy filming makeup review videos because I enjoy talking about products. I also find joy in knowing that I may have helped someone make a huge makeup-related decision.”
What is your favorite MŌDA® brush to use for foundation?
“That would have to be the MŌDA® Pro BMX-180 Buffer brush. I always achieve a seamless and efficient foundation application with that brush.”
What is a makeup technique that was a game-changer for you?
“Making sure I apply my blush using a figure-eight motion has always led to the perfect application. I used to easily miss where the product needed to be and wound up having too much in certain areas. This technique allows for even distribution of color, which is important, especially for my big cheeks.”