Linda B.

Linda's Bio

“Hi all! My name is Linda, aka GlitterFallout. I'm an extreme makeup enthusiast who has a real passion for all types of beauty from bright, bold, and colorful, to grungy and smoky looks. Prior to starting my YouTube channel in 2013, I was a part of several online makeup communities, and when they disbanded, I sought to find my people elsewhere. From that, GlitterFallout was born! My channel is a fun, no-drama place to hang out with like-minded weirdos. In January 2018, I made the decision to only support cruelty-free brands, and my channel has now become a source of knowledge for those in the cruelty-free community. On my channel you'll find in-depth product reviews, a dash of silliness, and blunt honesty. I don't want you to buy anything that isn't spectacular, and I will try to save you money whenever I can.

I am beyond excited to be partnering with MŌDA® as their Maven for May 2020! They became a favorite of mine when I discovered them at my very first IMATS NYC in 2011. I've been using and recommending them ever since!”

“My absolute favorite MŌDA® kit is the MŌDA® Pro 13 Pc. Full Face Wrap Kit. This kit has literally every single brush you could possibly need, AND it comes with a wrap to hold everything in place. The MŌDA® Pro brushes are the softest brushes I've ever felt, and, quite honestly, are the best quality brushes in my collection. My favorite brush from the kit is the BMX-265 Glow brush - I dare you to find a better highlight brush in this world!”

What are your favorite types of videos to film?
“I love filming a series called “WORTH IT?” These are super in-depth makeup videos where I take a new product and break it down, telling the story of the brand, their return policy, price per gram, show swatches and a tutorial. I'm all about people not wasting their money, so I always love these.”
Which MŌDA® brush is best for setting powder?
“My favorite brush for setting powder is the MŌDA® Pro BMX-220 Radiance Brush. It has a nice pointed tip that lets you get into harder to reach places, like the corner of your eye or the sides of your nose. Plus, it's beyond soft.”
Do you prefer a chiseled contour or a soft bronzed look?
“It depends on what day it is! That's what I adore about makeup. Sometimes I go for a FIERCE contour that's so sharp it could cut through butter, and some days I'm all about that sun-kissed, easy bronzed look.”
If you had to give up all but one type of makeup product, what would you keep?
“No question - HIGHLIGHTER. I feel like even if you wear no other makeup, highlighter can make you look more alive, awake, and polished. Plus, it gives your skin a hydrated, youthful glow. What's not to love?”
Why do you turn to MŌDA® brushes as your choice tool for your routine?
“I fell in love with the quality of the brushes almost a decade ago before I even noticed the affordability of them. I love how much of a variety MŌDA® offers in their brushes, but the quality is never sacrificed. I know I can depend on MŌDA® brushes to last for years and feel the same on Year 8 as they did on Day 1.”