RLQ Rosie

RLQ's Bio

“Hey y'all! I am a Washington based beauty blogger. I have been in love with makeup since the days of sneaking into my mom's makeup stash and "borrowing" her lipsticks. I'll never forget growing up with the words of Jamie Lee Curtis in “My Girl”: “The first rule in applying eye makeup is you can never wear enough blue eyeshadow.” I took those words to heart during my blue mascara and eyeshadow phase. I started blogging and reviewing in 2015 and started my YouTube channel in 2016. I started out with only flatlays, until I got the courage to post makeup looks and mini tutorials. I am now obsessed with the art of makeup, flatlays, and recording mini makeup tutorials. Aside from makeup, running and hiking are my favorite ways to spend my days!”

“My favorite brush kit is the MODA® Metallics 10 PC Deluxe Kit because it includes my go-to eye and face brushes, including the M12, M16, M18, and M21! The M12 Highlight and Glow has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember and I recommend it any chance I get. It's the perfect size and shape to apply a dazzling highlight! It has been featured in so many of my favorites videos along with the M16. The M16 is the perfect crease brush to lay down and blend out any transition shade.”