NsomniaksDream's Bio

"Hi, my name is Megan, and I am a Canadian content creator based out of Southern Ontario, but most people know me as @NsomniaksDream across my social profiles. I started my YouTube channel in 2009 and expanded from there to Instagram and Twitch, where I make tutorials for SFX makeup and body painting. I am an artist who cannot sit still or only have one creative outlet, hence why you’ll often find me creating new things through makeup, illustration, sculpting, and cosplay crafting.  I love all things magical, from nightmares to daydreams, and I aim to bring the worlds of fantasy and fiction to life in everything I create. And yes, as you can imagine, Halloween is by far my favorite time of the year!"

"My favorite brush set is the MODA Pro 13pc Full Face Wrap Kit because it has everything needed to bring a fully realized look to life, whether you’re doing a glam makeup for the day or becoming someone/something else entirely! In my makeup I really strive for creating characters and creatures that feel like they could exist in their own realities, and that starts from base foundations to intricate eye details. For this reason the BMX-265 Glow and BMX-441 Pointed Liner are essential favorites for me. The Glow brush allows me to contour and add depth to areas like my cheeks, along my neck and around the collar bone, while the Pointed Liner is a must when it comes to adding details like line work, dotting, and specific shading."

Check out the BMX-WRAP25 to get all the brushes Megan loves (and a few more)!