Kim's Bio

“My name is Kim and I run a media company called Witte Artistry, LLC. I produce both entertaining and educational content about character art and the makeup industry! This includes special effect makeup such as body paint, prosthetics, and fabrication, along with beauty makeup and product reviews. I primarily specialize in making characters with body paint & sheep’s wool. I am a self-taught makeup artist who has been painting since 2012 and founded my own company in 2016. I am extremely detail-oriented, highly motivated, and love using my artwork to inspire others to follow their artistic dreams (instead of going down the path society tries to push them down). I love what I do!

“My favorite brush set is the MŌDA® Totally Electric 7pc Bright Eye Kit! First of all, I adore the colors as neons are my favorite (especially lime green). The shapes of the brush handles are very ergonomic and pretty. Plus, the synthetic bristles and variety of brushes the kit offers allow me to apply a lot of different textures and fine details in both my beauty makeup and body paint looks!”