Tina Czarina

Tina's Bio

"Hey Beauties! My name is Tina Czarina and I am a content creator based in New Jersey. I review beauty products and do tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. My journey started 8 years ago when I was on YouTube searching for a makeup look for a wedding and discovered the world of beauty. Ever since then, I was hooked! I embraced the process and learned to do my own looks, incorporating techniques that I’ve learned from watching YouTube tutorials. Eventually, I decided to create my own platform because I felt that expressing my own creativity as an artist and a beauty lover is very important. Three years into it, my platform is growing and I am so glad that I get to collaborate with brands such as MŌDA® and make friends with like-minded people along the way."

"I chose the MŌDA® Metallics 10 piece set because it is a full face brush set. This affordable kit includes EVERYTHING you need to create whatever makeup look you have in mind. The bristles on these brushes are so soft and make the process of applying your makeup look so flawless and feels effortless. I also love the metallic finishing (gold, rose gold and silver ) and textured handle of the brushes because it helps keep a steady flow of applying your makeup. The design looks very elegant without breaking the bank. I honestly think you will love these brushes as much as I do."