Rachel Rose Mazza

Rachel's Bio

Hello Biddies! My name is Rachel and I am a queer Pro Makeup Artist with over 5 years of working experience, a Content Creator, an Educator, and a Podcaster. My chart-topping Podcast Lipstick Biddies connects the beauty community through entertaining and inspirational conversations with my colleagues and friends throughout the industry. I'm so passionate about elevating and celebrating beauty lovers, artists, and entrepreneurs from all over the world through my platform! I am most well known for my bold sense of humor, creative artistry, honest reviews, passion for education, and relatability on my Instagram and TikTok feeds. You can find all the fun, laughs, and beauty content on my IG/TikTok @lipstickbiddies and my professional artistry portfolio on IG @rachelrosemakeup!

The MŌDA® Totally Electric Full Face Kit is absolutely my favorite MŌDA® set because I can do any look from beauty, to creative, to fx with these shapes! You have the classic complexion and eye shapes which are essential to any look. My favorite in the set, the glam topper, is the best for whenever I work with glitters or gels! It’s truly a personal collection staple and go-to in my pro kit for every face and eye shape that sits in my chair. I also love the flash of the holographic case which makes a unique conversation piece for when I pull it out on set or am traveling with friends. It truly does it all!