Rebecca Ann Diego

Rebecca's Bio

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca, @rebeccaa.ann on Instagram, and I am so honored to be MŌDA®’s featured Maven for the month of August! 

Over the past 6 years, I’ve been growing my personal brand on Instagram as a content creator and freelance makeup artist. I’m a certified professional artist with a bachelor’s degree in business administration & marketing. Aside from my independent work, I have experience as an educator and social media director. 

My background in art started with my appreciation for 2-dimensional art and photography growing up. In art class I’d draw and paint faces, accentuating the eyes with lashes and eyeliner. This led up to my profession today with actual faces as my canvas! 

When it comes to my artistry, I absolutely love playing with bright colors and rhinestones. You’ll come to learn that I am very passionate about bringing my creative visions to life and expressing myself through art. I’m so grateful to be a MŌDA® Maven and to have such great tools to achieve my ideas!

Although I have so many MŌDA® favorites, I would have to say the MŌDA®Prismatic Ultimate Eye Kit is my absolute favorite! Aside from the beautiful colors and the design of the brushes, this kit consists of all the essentials needed to achieve a well-blended and sculpted eye look. The smaller, detail brushes enable precision and control when I’m having a cut crease moment. I’m able to get that definition with a seamless blend thanks to this kit!