MŌDA® Mermaid Madness for Summer 2018

Enter a world of no troubles, just bubbles, under the sea with these fun and fabulous mermaid inspired brush kits. These metallic brushes come in various styles and unique colors while they apply makeup swimmingly. Embrace being bold and creatively you this summer!

MŌDA® Mermaid Madness for Summer 2018

By: BEAUTYBUNNY | Affiliate Code: BUNNY

Summer is almost here and soon there will be all things mermaid – everywhere. If you are dying to get into the mermaid madness spirit for Summer 2018, an easy way to start is by incorporating one of these MŌDA® Prismatic and MŌDA® Mythical mermaid-inspired brush kits into your beauty routine.

MŌDA® Mythical Splash Travel Kit, $19.99

This six piece kit of synthetic, mermaid-inspired brushes are not just pretty to look at, but are 100% vegan and functional too! Perfect for travel, these brushes are slightly shorter and come with a holographic flip case. The brush handles are embossed with metallic pink and teal mermaid scales, while the brush heads are tipped in a gorgeous baby pink.

MŌDA® Mythical Sweet Siren Travel Kit, $19.99

These are definitely what any royal mermaid needs on his or her vanity. This set comes complete with six travel-sized brushes and a holographic travel case. The handles resemble a mermaid's tail with embossed scales on a seamless color gradient of multiple shades of green, purple, and blue.

MŌDA® Prismatic 4pc Face Perfecting Kit, $24.99 or $16.84 Walmart

Every mermaid needs flawless skin and you're going to need this four piece set to create an amazing complexion. These brushes are ultra-dense so they do not soak up a ton of product, and are super soft to perfectly blend any cream or liquid makeup. They feature lightweight, flexible handles and uniquely shaped bristles for all your contouring and blending needs.

MŌDA® Prismatic 2pc Precision Powder Kit, $24.99

These two oval style brushes are ideal for any mermaid to finish off their look. Both of these unique and innovative brushes have a dramatic, angled edge that's perfect for getting into tight spaces with powder – there is nothing like them anywhere else! The soft, synthetic fibers make them easy to work with and the purple, blue, and teal coloring make them a dream to look at.

The quality and construction of these brushes are solid and sure to last you a lifetime. All of these brushes are cruelty- free and 100% vegan. Don’t get left out this season! Get in on the MŌDA® mermaid madness for this summer and pick yours up at Walmart, Walmart.com or ModaBrush.com.