BMX-175: Powder Perfection

The MODA® Pro BMX-175 Flat Powder can really do it all! Whether you’re setting with powder, blending foundation, or buffing blush and bronzer, this go-to brush can do anything and everything.

Meet the MODA® Pro BMX-175 Flat Powder - this 5-star brush is exactly what your makeup bag has been missing! It’s perfectly shaped to powder, contour, and add blush to any look and its soft, vegan bristles feel like an absolute dream. Read our super easy guide on how to use this one brush for half your makeup!

Step One

Apply your favorite foundation and concealer. Grab a loose setting powder or compact and swirl the BMX-175 into the powder. Gently sweep across your face, being careful not to disturb any cream makeup you just applied. This will set your makeup for the day ahead.

Step Two

Wipe off any excess setting powder on a tissue, then dip into a powder contour. Using your thumb and forefinger, lightly pinch the bristles together to create a thinner profile for applying contour. Apply along the hollows of your cheeks and the sides of your forehead to create a soft shadow.

Step Three

Again, wipe off excess powder on a tissue and sweep across a shimmery blush. Apply the blush above the contour on your cheek. Blend any edges together for a seamless look.

Step Four

Finish off your look with a neutral eyeshadow, a few coats of mascara, and a lip gloss. This easy look takes almost no time at all and looks pretty and natural. Be sure to wash your BMX-175 once a week if you’re using it for multiple steps!