BMX-265: The Glow-getter

You glow girl! Get a healthy shine that lasts when you easily smooth on your favorite highlighter with the MODA® BMX-265 Glow brush. This brush does not disappoint!

Highlighting – it’s every beauty guru’s favorite step, but sometimes can be a nightmare for the everyday makeup user. What kind of highlight? How much? And where? The BMX-265 Glow brush didn’t earn 5 stars by accident – it makes highlighting a no-brainer! And this little wonder is also great for any sort of detail powder application due to its small size. So, what are you waiting for? Get glowing!


First apply your base makeup (foundation, concealer, contour, and/or setting powder) like normal. Dip the MŌDA® Pro Glow brush into a powder highlighter, then sweep along the tops of your cheekbones, down your nose, and dot into the cupid’s bow. For a more diffused highlight, touch very lightly using just the tip of the brush. For a more intense look, use the flat of the brush and apply a bit more pressure.

Set Concealer

If you’re not into highlighting, you can also use the BMX-265 MŌDA® Pro Glow brush to set your under-eye concealer. After blending in your foundation, apply concealer in a triangle under the eyes. Blend the edges into your foundation so it looks natural. Load the MŌDA® Pro Glow brush with setting powder, then lightly pat onto the concealer using the flat of the brush. Let everything set for a few minutes before sweeping any excess powder off with a fluffy brush.

Precision Blending

When doing detailed makeup, it can be difficult to blend everything together without creating a mess. With a tapered tip and flat side, the BMX-265 Glow brush can get into small areas easily and buff away harsh edges. You can use it to blend detail contouring, highlight, and even eye makeup near the brow bone!