Beautiful Brows



Beautiful Brows

Achieving the perfect eyebrows has never been easier thanks to the MŌDA® EZglam Beautiful Brows set. Frame your face with perfect brows in 4 easy steps:

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1. Shimmery shadow

Start with clean brows. Using the MŌDA® Angle Shader brush, add definition to your brow bone with a shimmery shadow. Using the flat side of the brush, gently sweep color just below the brow.

MŌDA® Angle Shader Brush

2. Color & fill

Use the MŌDA® Angle Brow brush and a complimentary brow powder or matte shadow to add color and fill to define your brows. Use the chisel edge of the brush and small strokes for the most natural look

MŌDA® Angle Brow/Lash Brush

3. Blend

Using the brow wand end of the angle brow brush, gently blend the brow powder for a softer tone.

MŌDA® Angle Brow/Lash Brush

4. Shape the areas

For the most natural look, use a clear mascara and the brow wand to shape the areas created with the powder

MŌDA® Angle Brow/Lash Brush

EZglam tip:

The MŌDA® Duo Fiber brush is great for stippling on liquid or cream foundation for those days when you just want a light, natural look. The MŌDA® Powder brush is also great for adding a little shimmer to your décolletage for a special night out!