Flawless Face



Flawless Face

Achieve a flawless finish for your face with the MŌDA® Powder and Duo Fiber brushes.

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1. Powder

After applying foundation and concealer to your face with our MŌDA® EZGLAM Duo Perfect Complexion brush set, you are ready to finish your face with the MŌDA® Powder brush. Gently sweep translucent powder over your face using upward strokes to apply powder lightly for a delicate finish.

MŌDA® Powder Brush

2. Dewy blush

Next, use the MŌDA® Duo Fiber brush to apply a dewy blush to cheeks. Using the wispy white fibers to swish the brush in your desired blush (powder or cream). Starting at the apple of your cheeks, gently add soft color and build to your desired finish.

MŌDA® Duo Fiber Brush

3. Glowing finish

For a glowy finish, add bronzer using the MŌDA® Duo Fiber brush. For a natural look, swish just the wispy white fibers in your bronzer and gently sweep color onto the points on your face where the sun hits you, typically the top of the nose, your cheeks, and forehead.

MŌDA® Duo Fiber Brush

EZglam tip:

The MŌDA® Duo Fiber brush is great for stippling on liquid or cream foundation for those days when you just want a light, natural look. The MŌDA® Powder brush is also great for adding a little shimmer to your décolletage for a special night out!