Luscious Lips



Luscious Lips

Pucker up your luscious lips and apply lasting color with these MŌDA® Pointed and Flat Lip brushes.

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1. Lip liner & outline

Start by lining your lips with a lip liner in a color that compliments y our final lip color choice. For the most precise line, use the tip of the MŌDA® Pointed Lip brush to go over the liner pencil, starting in the center of the top and bottom lips and moving outward on each side.

MŌDA® Pointed Lip Brush

2. Color fill

Once you have the liner in place, use the MŌDA® Pointed Lip brush to fill in the entire lip area with small downward strokes from the top lip and upward strokes from the bottom lip. This quick step will help your lipstick stay put longer.

MŌDA® Pointed Lip Brush

3. Finishing touch

Using the MŌDA® Flat Lip brush, load with your bright lip color from your lipstick tube or palette and add intense color all over the lips. Start at the center of the lower lip and move outward.

MŌDA® Pointed Lip Brush

EZglam tip:

After applying lip color with the MŌDA® Lip brushes, apply one last coat of lipstick from the tube all over your lips. This quick trick will ensure lip color that lasts!