Perfect Complexion



perfect complexion

Achieve a perfect Complexion in 3 easy steps using the Concealer & Foundation MŌDA® EZglam Duo brushes

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1. Moisturize

Prep your face by applying a moisturizer and/or a foundation primer with sunscreen protection to clean your skin.

2. Apply foundation

Using the MŌDA® Foundation brush, dot liquid or cream foundation down the center of the face and on each cheek. Blend with rounded downward strokes to a smooth finish.

MŌDA® Foundation Brush

3. Blend concealer

Use the MŌDA® Concealer brush to dot and blend concealer over blemishes or brown spots not covered by your foundation

MŌDA® Concealer Brush

EZglam tip:

Always apply your foundation before your concealer so your concealer stays in place.