BMX-430: Blending Bestie

Your makeup collection has a new bff! Blend and buff to perfection with the MODA® BMX-430 Crease brush. This brush gets into every crevice and crease, never missing a spot!

If your latest eye blends have been a little lackluster, meet the brush that will change everything – the 5-star BMX-430 Crease brush. No more muddy colors or imprecise application! This gothic beauty will blend shadow and deposit color perfectly every time. So, grab two (you can never have enough!) and follow the tutorial below for a super easy and romantic eye look!

Step One

First, apply a tacky base over the lid. Sweep a matte, neutral shadow over the lid and into the crease with the first Crease brush, blending out the edge.

Step Two

Take the second Crease brush and lightly dip into a dark pink or berry shadow that’s slightly shimmery. Blend softly over the outer portion of the lid and into the crease. Add more shadow in layers until you reach your desired level of drama, being sure to blend the edges each time.

Step Three

Take a small step back from the mirror and make sure the shape of the shadow on each eye matches. Use the excess powder on each crease brush to seamlessly blend colors together where they meet.

Step Four

Use a dark brown liner along the top and bottom lash line – it’s less harsh than pure black so your look stays soft. Blend a tiny bit of the dark pink or berry shadow into the liner to soften it. Add lashes and mascara to finish off a perfectly pretty look!